Colorism in the Media

In March, I started to produce an episode for the TUTV show Media Inside Out on colorism in media representation and how it affects women of color.

The topic is one particularly close to my heart because the South Asian community and by extension, my mother, have an intense relationship with colorism and having fair skin. The skin lightening market continues to grow into a multibillion-dollar industry; however, colorism has resulted in deep emotional multigenerational scars.

Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, the episode had to be postponed. However, I am still especially proud of the roll-ins I edited for it, which you can view below.

You can view full episodes of Media Inside Out here. I also helped produce Episode 35 on Feminism in the Media, and Episode 36 on Parenting in the Digital Age.


Author: Aishika Jennela

Media Studies and Production major more than halfway through college but with no idea what she wants to do except for telling stories through art and media.

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